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Finding the right salon environment can be a challenge. Whether you’re just starting your career, looking to leave your current salon for greener pastures, or debating the booth rental, it’s crucial to make the best choiceboth for your career and for your quality of life. Joining the Cutting Loose team means becoming part of something bigger than yourself while still having the space to do your best work and be the artist you are. You can always count on us to be there, supporting you passionately and patiently, holding you accountable and standing up for you. We will never betray your trust. Our business is built on ethics and customer service, providing you with a level of service that goes beyond expectations. When you do business with us, you receive not just a service but an all-encompassing experience, from our welcoming concierge to our top-notch facilities, amenities, and perks. Doing business with us means receiving joy, hope, security, and confidence. But our impact extends beyond just our guests; we aim to inspire others in the industry, making them want to be part of our community. We want to spread joy, security, and a sense of pride throughout the beauty industry.

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Income from
the start

Building your book as a new stylist can be a challenge, so we pay an hourly rate, starting with our accelerated training and continuing as you go out on the floor.

Better than booth?

The freedom of independent rental looks really attractive – but what often goes overlooked are the trade-offs associated with going solo. Tax time, stocking your own product, and the lack of business support, education and team collaboration can quickly outweigh the benefits of the suite or booth rental life.

What if we told you that we could provide the flexibility of booth renting starting with an accelerated training course that fast-tracks you to our salon floor?

of Being
a Team Player

  • No up-front costs! We’ve got you covered
  • Instant clientele from Cutting Loose brand
  • An amazing concierge team to manage guest care and challenges for you
  • Team support and business coaching
  • Price increases managed for you
  • Fully stocked inventory
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