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Best Hair Cut Salon

French Hair Design

French cutting accentuates your unique facial features and takes into account the shape of your head.

Our fabulous French haircuts result in sexy, wash-and-wear hair, containing several different looks in each style. Haircuts include wash, cut and blow-dry.

Lather Lounge with Head & Neck Massage

A serene setting where you will always receive a signature shampoo experience including a complimentary head and neck massage.

In addition to looking great, we want you to feel refreshed! Add a luxurious conditioning treatment, perfectly cocktailed for the needs of your hair, and enjoy an extended massage.



Braids & Event Styling

Come with clean, dry hair and we will give you the style of your choice. Bring your vision or choose from one of ours.

Want to look extra gorgeous for a party, fundraiser, reunion, hot date, or wedding? Add a blowout for an additional price, by request.